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Bem vindos ao site sobre o CPIC

Code for Integral Child Protection


An initiative of the Ministry of Justice

with the support of several partners, in particular,


Part I

Guinea-Bissau is a signatory to several international treaties and conventions, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CDC) and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, which bind the State to adopt mechanisms and procedures internal legislation and actions with the basic principles of protection enshrined therein.

The national legal framework is neither up-to-date nor harmonious with regard to the issue of child protection, with a clear gaps when compared to international conventions. For this reason, it is urgent to adopt a coherent national regulation that effectively provides a systematic, coherent and updated response to the needs of preventing the violation of children's rights, as well as the promotion and protection of children, with a view to their integral development.

The process of creating the Code for Integral Child Protection (CPIC) started more than 10 years ago, having had a stronger momentum in the last two years. This process is of fundamental importance for the country, and invoved a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary technical work, open to gathering different opinions and contributions, national and international.

At each stage of the process, the final product of each previous work session was reviewed, in order to ensure the sharing of information and the appropriation of content by the various stakeholders in the process, as well as the technical quality of the result.

It is now time to submit the text to public consultation in order to disseminate the draft and gather contributions from GuineaBissau civil society and/or experts in the field.


Dr. Degol Mendes

June 2021

  • Part I - General provisions, principles and prevention

  • Part II - Children's Rights

  • Part III - Child Protection System

  • Part IV - Provisions applicable to children in contact with the law

  • Part V - Child Protection Process and Measures

  • Part VI - Child in conflict with the law

  • Part VII - Adoption and Sponsorship

  • Part VIII - Tutelary Civil proceedings

Reading in Tent

Gostaria de aprender mais sobre o Código de Proteção Integral da Criança?

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Workshop sobre o CPIC - julho de 2019


Workshop sobre o Fortalecimento do Sistema de Proteção da Criança - fevereiro de 2024

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Presentation of the CPIC in one of the public consultation sessions (June 4, 2021)

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Guia do Fortalecimento do Sistema de Proteção da Criança na Guiné-Bissau

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Conheça o guia

Fev. 2024


Sonia Polonius

CPIC will strengthen the Child Protection system in Guinea-Bissau.

It will be a fundamental working tool for all law enforcers and Child Protection actors


Katia da Costa

The CPIC represents an important and indispensable instrument for the protection of children in Guinea-Bissau.

Ze Antonio.jpeg

José António Gonçalves

The CPIC is a giant step towards harmonizing the national legal framework with regional and international instruments in the field of child protection, namely the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and, in this way, to fulfill the recommendations of the UN and AU mechanisms in this field.

Meet the team


Helena Neves

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Consultant on gender and human rights


Vasco Biague

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National People's Assembly

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Servula Sila

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Curatorship of Minors

public ministry

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Aimadu Sauane

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Judge Court of Appeal

Sara IIRH (coaching e liderança inclusiv

Sara Guerreiro

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International Consultant


Cecilia Kline

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Social Worker and Lawyer

International Consultant


Hélder Pires

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national consultant

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